Investigation of fire protection of building structures

1) Protection of glass structures

There are cases where it is not feasible to have a fire-retardant glass structure in a building. Yet proving this is very important as it is essential to verify the adequacy of facade fire prevention in buildings

The fire protection regulations of glass building parts and structural elements are the same as the regulations of general structures, even if the glass structure was used as a partition wall, so it is also necessary to examine it. Glass structures should prevent the spread of fire and smoke. This is investigated by simulation methods.


2) Steel structure analysis

It is important to know that although structural steel is classified as a non-combustible material, its load-bearing capacity decreases rapidly from temperatures around 550 ° C. Therefore, it is also important to examine steel structures

The steel supporting structure of the buildings is analyzed by Eurocodos temperature analysis. The input data for the calculation is based on a simulation study. The basis of the calculation is to examine the adequacy of the steel supporting structure of the building using a real fire test.

3) Fire propagation test

A computer simulation test can also be used to determine if a building catches fire, whether the fire can spread to such an extent that it ignites the buildings next to it or in its vicinity. The adequacy of this method, although already internationally accepted, has only been addressed in more detail in Hungary by the newly published Fire Protection Technical Directive.

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